an update…

So, I just tried to save a longer post, but it got deleted instead.  Sweet…so here is a shorter recap, in bullet form:

  • I’ve been studying for a content exam covering Acts-Revelation that I have tomorrow…I am not a fan of studying or exams.
  • I’ve been reading “End of Faith” by Sam Harris – interesting book.
  • I’m still in a musical slump – what I listen to has been based on nostalgia, and I am looking forward to a time when I actively search for cool new music…
  • We might go see Martin Sexton at the House of Blues on Sunset in April.  Check him out if you haven’t heard of him, and catch him while he’s on tour. 
  • Insprired by Jon, Mary, Maria, and Nancy, here is my weemeeweemee.
  • Kris says my hair is getting shaggy and that I have a “mullet” in the back.  I think it’s pretty sweet though.
  • I really want to go surfing soon…it’s been too long.
  • Krissy’s parents are in town, and we have had a blast showing them around town.  The weather has also been perfect for visitors from Wisconsin.
  • Although the 80 degree weather has been nice, I would love to spend a couple of days in real winter.
  • We decided that LOST comes on too late, and that we’re going to tape it each week and watch it whenever we have time.  We are actively trying to minimize the amount of scheduled television time we have – it seems like one of our culture’s greatest addictions.
  • Badger Basketball is awesome this year – next Sunday will be a sweet game – possibly #2 badgers against #1 Ohio State?
  • We ate at the Tibet Nepal House last night – an amazing restaurant in Pasadena that makes you realizes how fast and rushed most of life is. 
  • We finished our taxes – thank you Turbo Tax!

And, that’s about it…sweet!


One thought on “an update…

  1. gwen says:

    Dave, just wanted to say thanks for stopping by and for the encouragement. If I had a brick and a wood right now, I’d build a road outta here! Gwen


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