Wisconsin Whirlwind

Well, we’re back in California after 9 days back home…we flew in and out of Vegas and Chicago, which meant we had a 3-4 hour car ride on either side of our flight, which made for some extremely long and exhausting travel days…all in all, it was great to be home, although I will admit that the whole time I couldn’t wait to get back to flip flops and shorts.

In a nutshell, while at home, I went to a Badger basketball game, ate way too many kinds of meat (steak, chicken, venison, lamb, pork), saw many great friends, spent time with both of our families, went hiking, visited ‘Holy Hill’ (a gorgeous Catholic basilica in southeastern Wisconsin), shopped, dominated Mike and Adam in Settlers of Catan, drank a fat squirrel, had a New Year’s Eve Party, attended three other New Year’s Eve parties, made liquid nitrogen ice cream, slept on a bed, a futon, and a sofa sleeper, and hung out with two different groups of people at the same Perkins within a 6 hour time period. 

After 5 months in California, I think I had forgotten what it is like to be surrounded by people (family, friends, etc) who know me well.  I had also forgotten how gorgeous the Midwest can be.  As much as I love the ocean and Southern California, there will always be a part of me that wants the hills, trees, rocks, and fields of Wisconsin.  It was good to get back…

Here’s a few pictures from our time back home… (click on the pictures to see bigger versions of them)

 kdec-2006-02.JPG   dsc05265.JPG   dsc05264.JPG   dsc05263.JPG   dsc05246.JPG  dsc05215.JPG   dsc05204.JPG   dec-2006-178.JPG   dec-2006-136.JPG   dec-2006-119.JPG


One thought on “Wisconsin Whirlwind

  1. I spent a couple of years between Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio, so I had to see the pictures … made me miss it more than I thought I did! Only been a year since I visited, but I feel like I need to visit again soon! Probably won’t be until I get married cause I’d be too lonely otherwise. Anyway, nice to be back to 70-degree weather, isn’t it?


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