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Home and “Between”

I’m sitting in the airport in Las Vegas, which is wonderful enough to provide free wireless internet.  Krissy “went to bed” at 9 PM last night, and I “went to bed” at 10 PM, and we woke up at 12:05 AM to get ready to leave for Vegas.  When we were looking for flights home for Christmas, everything out of LAX was at least $200-$300 more per ticket, so instead we got flights out of Vegas for pretty cheap.  But, that meant we had to get to Vegas.  Luckily, our neighbors had a flight that left 30 minutes before ours out of Vegas, so we all rented a car and drove from 1 AM to 4:30 AM.  We got to Vegas a bit early, so we drove up and down the strip, and then finally came check in for our flights.

It’ll be great to get home for a while and see family.  It’s weird that we haven’t been to Wisconsin since August.  Our schedule while at home is going to be packed…we’re home for 10 days, but splitting that between each of our families and our friends makes the time fill up quickly.

Anyways…I have been feeling like we are between a lot of things lately.  Right now, we are between our home and friends in California, and our home and family/friends in Wisconsin.  But we are also between where we want to be in a few years, and where we were a few years ago.  It was easy for me in college to feel like I was where I belonged, but I haven’t felt that way in seminary.  Instead, it feels like I’m between two constants – college and ‘real life.’ 

I want to take the next few years as a time of training, learning, and preparation for whatever is to come, but I also want to escape the feeling that I am simply in a transition period of life.  I tend to write off the significance of transitions, and downplay the ‘reality’ of where I currently am (as in, the “real world” is still a few years off). 

So…we’ll see how that goes…

A little bird just flew in from the tram and is chilling in our gate area.  We tried to take a picture, but the camera focused on a chair instead and the bird flew away.  Oh well.

But, I took this picture of the sun rising in Las Vegas. 


Anyways, that’s all I have for now…much love and peace from Las Vegas….see you all in Wisconsin, Pasadena, or otherwise soon…


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