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Facebook: “Fact, not fad”

Today’s Christian Science Monitor has an article entitled “Facebook: A campus fad becomes a campus fact.” 

For anyone not ‘in the know’ about Facebook, the article is a good summary of how big this thing is and what the implications are for campuses across America (Does anyone know how big Facebook and other social network sites are outside of the US?  I would guess that Myspace is huge, but not sure…).

For anyone working in college ministry through a church or a parachurch, or for anyone living near a college atmosphere, get on Facebook!  What an great resource for understanding the collegiate generation…

The article talks about how their is a divide between employers (who don’t get online social networking, but may use it to make hiring decisions) and new hires (who live in the midst of online social networking).  I’m interested to see how that divide slowly decreases as those moving up the corporate ladder are ‘Facebookers.’  Will Fortune 500 companies start accepting resumes via Facebook, or will Facebook reveal a ‘corporate Facebook’ that allows employees to post a professional resume in addition to a profile?

It’s amazing how much social networking has changed our world in the last four years…

Check out the article…it’s amazing how much social networking has changed our world in the last four years. 

What’s the next step?  What ways has/will Facebook changed the way you interact with people?  The article lists a few fears about what Facebook could mean to society – do any of them resonate with you?  Why? 

What do you think?


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