Catching up…

So…my first quarter at Fuller has come to an end…in the last week or so, I finished up all my papers, projects, exams, and readings (okay, so I didn’t do all the readings…but I at least thought about them all).  It’s amazing how quickly times flies – and it’s even more amazing that I am continually surprised at that fact. 

My final week or so of school was a bit hectic – I luckily had at least a day or two separating each of my finals (whether a paper, project, or exam), so my tactics are to give 100% to whatever has the nearest deadline, not giving anything else any thought until the nearest deadline is met, and then I do the same for whatever’s next.  It works for me, but it can lead to an exhausting week. 

But, it’s over…no more ethics, patristic theology, contemporary culture….next quarter I’m signed up to take medieval/reformation theology, Acts-Revelation, Art of Evangelism, and the second part of Foundations for Ministry.  However, I’m hoping to drop the Evangelism class and pick up an exegesis class covering Joshua-Kings…but in order to do that I have to pass a Hebrew waiver exam, which I’m taking tomorrow.  I have no clue what passage the exam is going to cover, but I have been brushing up on my Hebrew grammar and translations…we’ll see how that goes…

Outside of the academic world, we’ve been having a bit of car trouble lately.  Part of our muffler has a leak in it (possibly due to me not seeing one of those huge speed dips in a residential area of Pasadena until it was too late…), and I when I went to get our oil changed at a large national oil change chain, they told me that there was too much leaking oil and they couldn’t touch the car…fun fun.  So, I took the car in to our awesome local mechanic to have him look at it, and he basically said our car is old, and we shouldn’t fix it.  So, our car will spend the rest of it’s life a bit louder than usual, and I will be checking the oil a bit more than usual.  Luckily, I went to a car parts store and they had a great deal on oil change supplies – 5 quarts of oil and an oil filter for only $10.99.  So, I’m just going to do it all myself.  Beat that, Jiffy Lube.  So, we’re hoping that our car will be fine, but we’re also starting to look for a possible replacement for our good old 13 year old Camry…

Anyways, other than that…life has been busy but good.  We’re headed home in a couple of weeks, and although the snow will be fun, I will probably be excited to get back to the 75-80 degree weather after 10 days in Wisconsin….


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