Brokenhearted Theology, Contemp Culture, Fuller, MP520

Redemption of Global Economics/Money

For my the final project in the Transforming Contemporary Culture class I took this quarter, we needed to do a comprehensive project focusing on 5 websites dealing with culture, missional communities, redemptive practices, etc.  We were to integrate these websites into the material we’ve covered in class, on our blogs, and in all the readings that we’ve done this quarter. 

I chose five websites that I tagged on (a previous assignment for the class) focusing on global economics, finance, and business and wrote my project on how Christians can participate in global economics with a missional and biblical mindset, focusing on simplicity, generosity, and stewardship. 

I enjoyed working on the project more than I thought I would, and was really happy with the final product.  It’s still a pretty basic framework, but it’s a topic I’m interested in continuing to think about…

Anyways, feel free to check out the final product if you so desire – I uploaded it through Google, so it’s available here

Let me know if you have any thoughts or comments!


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