(ob)serve, Malibu, Sunday…what a weekend

Wow, a crazy busy three days for us.

On Friday, we went to (ob)serve, a gallery and silent auction put on by Mosaic and Awaken.  What a sweet event!  The atmosphere was awesome, the artwork was displayed really well, the cookies were amazing, the music was good, etc.  We set a limit for ourselves on how much we would bid on a painting, but ended up going over a little bit to get a painting by David Kim that we both loved.  It looks great on our bedroom wall.   You can check out some of the pictures here

On Saturday, we went to Malibu and spent the afternoon on the beach.  It was a bit cold and cloudy at first, but the sun came out in the later afternoon and was an absolutely gorgeous day.  We spent a while at Starbucks in Malibu, went to watch the Sunset, and then walked around the Promenade in Santa Monica for a while.  I put our pictures from the day up on picasa, click the picture below:

Today, we went to church at Pasadena Mennonite.  We’ve never been exposed to the mennonite/anabaptist tradition, and really enjoyed it.  After church, we did our traditional Sunday grocery shopping and came home and did some work.  We had an AMAZING dinner that Krissy made, and then I washed the car. 

As always, life has it’s little mishaps, and I think Krissy is planning on blogging about a few of them. 

But, life continues to be so good.  We are extremely blessed here in Pasadena. 


5 thoughts on “(ob)serve, Malibu, Sunday…what a weekend

  1. You do have a beautiful wife, Dave!!!
    I can’t wait to see her again 🙂 And you…
    Glad you guys are having so much fun. Your photos do my heart good. I can’t quit smiling. The hopping video was especially sweet!


  2. That gallery event was nice. But, hey, don’t tell me that you guys ended up getting the one with the man in the cage!! (Grrr… I wanted that one!) Sigh….



  3. Israel, no worries, we didn’t get the caged man, though we loved that one too! We ended up with the anchored man swimming towards the island. One of these days we’ll run into you at Mosaic, or a Mosaic event, and actually get to say hi!


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