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MP520 – Thursday Reflections, Week 7 (Children & the Mission of God)

On Thursday, I attended two lectures as part of Fuller’s Missiology Lectures.  This year’s theme was “Children and the Mission of God.”  I wish I had made it to the first day of lectures – sounded like there was a lot of great base information presented. 

Anyways, a these things hit me the most from the two lectures I listened to:

  • Unlike adults, children don’t/can’t compartmentalize their lives.  (i.e. when something bothers them at home, it will influence all areas of their school, play, etc. )
  • A child’s self-identity is critical – do they see themselves as a poor and worthless child, or a child of God?
  • Because many children lack the power to change their circumstances, they have to depend on broken adults.  We need to realize that we are broken adults and don’t have all the right answers all the time. 
  • Holistic ministry to children is essential – both spiritual and physical, as well as emotion, ministry is needed.

Definitely an area I want to explore a bit more…there is a lot of work to be done!


One thought on “MP520 – Thursday Reflections, Week 7 (Children & the Mission of God)

  1. I agree with you,Dave!

    But I don’t understand why adults don’t stop acting like children.

    When I started going to a church,it was my choice I made.When I left the church,it was my own choice I made.And if God didn’t want me to use there,it was His choice He made,because you know no matter how much people force,if it’s not God’s will,it can’t work.

    And I chose my life mate there,it was my choice I made.You know no man can’t force a person’s heart to love someone truly no matter how much they try or lie…

    So today,I think they should be like adults.They should stop “hurting” my life(I believe during our time together,not only their faith and walk with God have grown,but also they must have more or stronger believers they should be thankful for).And the men who are already adults should stop being bitter with me for not choosing them.They’re angry at me thinking I rejected them for their friend,but I think it’s just pride.

    I don’t understand and what to do with this,and the man I chose is not helping me,…you’re right,I want adults be like adults.

    I don’t want my life suffer anymore because of all these adults fighting and competeing each other,I want to go home and see my mother before I lose her forever.I didn’t get and want from these adults,but they keep blaming me for huge things when I don’t have nothing.I love my life,my family,I need them more than anything in my life,…but it seems like adults love themselves and their business,…and don’t care to hurt me and others…I want this church,this man botherring my life.This is enough.


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