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MP520 – Tuesday Reflections, Week 7

First off, I can’t believe we’re almost done with the 7th week of the quarter.  Three weeks left, are you kidding me?

We spent time on Tuesday talking about the differences between attractional models of church to missional models of church.  These two ideas are always seem to be placed in contrast with each other – an attractional church seeks to bring people in through programming (as in small groups, not C++), teaching, performances, etc and an missional church seeks to look outward with the intention of expanding the idea of church beyond a Sunday service or a building.

I’ve noticed that the attractional model is often talked about (by others, as well as me) as a negative, but can there be some kind of blending of attractional/missional?  When a church has the people and resources to have excellent teaching, programs, community, etc, combined with the understanding that God does not just dwell in church buildings for a few hours on Sunday, I think there can be some great benefits to the church and the community.


2 thoughts on “MP520 – Tuesday Reflections, Week 7

  1. I love that,Dave.
    I never agree with the “mind-set” that Church or Christians are supposed to look /live “messy” or “inattractive” because of the fear of being understood we love or other things more than God.But isn’t it God who loves to give/bless and wants us to live a life so abundantly,who doesn’t want us to live poor,…that is Satan’s desire,isn’t it? He is the God who wants us to take care our temple and His temple,…


  2. I love your ideas- and I agree that there can be a beautiful balance of attractional/missional… but I think that programming deserves its negative press right now. Far too many churches are all attractional and not missional- and far far fewer churches are at the other end of the spectrum- all missional without programming. To move more churches towards a balance and move them away from their attractional programs I think that we need to keep talking about the negatives of attractional models and the positives of missional models. It takes a lot for a church to start letting go of all the programs it finds to much production and security in. But it needs to happen!

    ps- Thanksgiving is coming up soon! YAY!


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