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Reflections on seminary…six weeks in

I’ve been writing a lot here lately, but most of it has been for my transforming contemporary culture class, and I wanted to put a few thoughts out there on my experience here at Fuller so far.  Hopefully this is something I’m able to do every so often in the next few years here, allowing me to look back on my own insights, naivety, learning process, shortsightedness, etc. 

Anyways…in no real order, in bullet form…some thoughts, reactions, and aspirations

  • – I didn’t know what to expect from Fuller’s multi-denominational student body.  I’ve always been pretty sheltered in the non-denominational world, and other than a few experiences in college with different denominations/backgrounds, I’ve always pretty much felt normal being a non-denominational Christian.  I still feel normal, but as my friend Dave said, “Sometimes I feel like a mutt.”  There is a wealth of tradition that so many people are brining to the table at Fuller…although the school is doctrinally Evangelical, the people I run into everyday are Presbyterians, Anglicans, Baptists, Episcopals, Roman Catholic, Coptic Orthodox, Korean Baptist, Nazarenes, Methodist, etc. 
  • – My professors really love the things that they teach.  And they really love Jesus.  I love sitting in my classes and listening to the professors because they are passionate about what they are doing, and what their class can offer to the church through the current student body. 
  • – Because of the diverse student body and the passionate professors, I’ve realized that there is a lot to the body of Christ, Christ himself, and the church as a whole that I haven’t always appreciated.  Learning about the struggles and devotion of the early church fathers…discussing what it means to call Christ Lord…talking about missiology and the church…all this and more is just amazing me.  I’ve realized that Christianity has rich traditions that bring a whole lot to the table of current discussions.  In a sense, I grew up in a bubble…a wonderful, loving, and Godly Christian bubble, but it is only a small part of the story of what God has done and is doing in our world. 
  • – Part of me is concerned that I might spend three years of my life communicating in a language that is foreign to any ministry setting that I would want to be a part of.  I need to be active in trying to always understand how what I’m learning is applicable/relevant to someone who isn’t interested in academia or hearing a quasi-academic response. 

So…just a few scattered seminary thoughts…

Otherwise, on the life front…Krissy and I have been really busy, it seems. 

Yesterday, we went to Ikea to replace the french press that I smashed up a month ago or so.  Today we went to see the Griffith Observatory in Hollywood…some amazing views of the LA area (we’ll post some pictures when we get a chance).  We also checked out a church plant in Pasadena…the church hunt is still on, but we’re enjoying the diversity in traditions and congregations that we’ve been able to experience since being out here!

And that’s about all I have for right now…


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