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MP520 – Tuesday Reflection, Wk 6 (Half a Jesus?)

We’ve spent time in class so far talking about how Jesus reformed/redeemed the everyday practices/institutions of peoplehood, the family, the role of the prophet, religion, time, and politics.  When Jesus healed the sick, cast out demons, cleansed the Temple, ate with sinners, and preached, it seems like he was doing a lot morethan simply preparing to die.  Although I will always be grateful for the knowledge I gained growing up in a Christian environment about the importance of the death and resurrection of Christ, it seems like so often His life is fast forwarded until we get to Easter, when the important stuff happens.

I believe that some amazing things happened with the death of Christ – atonement, justification, sanctification, etc, but I’m also grateful that I’m gaining a fuller picture of the implications of the life Christ led. 

I know I’ve mentioned a lot of this stuff before, but I’ve been wondering where the balance is in all of this.  I mean, is it more important for children (and anyone, really) to be taught about the death and resurrection of Christ first, and then once that is understood you can gradually gain an understanding about what Christ’s life meant?  I know that the death and resurrection are essential to our salvation, but I also feel like there is something incredibly life giving about the model of Christ’s life

Is there a type of salvation to be found in modeling Christ’s life?  (that might have sounded heretical…I didn’t mean it to!)  How do I/we balance the teachings and practices of Christ with the Pauline focus on the death and resurrection?

Any thoughts?


One thought on “MP520 – Tuesday Reflection, Wk 6 (Half a Jesus?)

  1. I’ve been enjoying and feeding on your reflections and ponderings so much…Thank you.

    It’s raining outside and I’m rushing,but I can’t leave without sharing my thought…

    One thing always amazes and makes me so grateful for about a gift of knowing Jesus is His real existence inside of us and our lives I realize and recognize in my everyday life and even in very little things…and that’s the thing forces meto fear and honor Him more which calls and leads me to live a life closer to Jesus’s…Yes,growing to fear God is so scary sometimes,but so exciting when I look at the beauty of the growth…isn’t it?(:

    And I like a Bible verse “When a person’s life pleases the Lord,He puts even his enemies to be at peace with Him…” Isn’t it so great to see how He honors our humble obiedence…and then change people and our world around…

    I think that’s my thought about the beauty of Jesus’s resurruction and existence,can you emagine who and what the world would be like if God didn’t decide to send Jesus and Jesus failed to fulfill His will(: and there weren’t people who truly love and fear God in this world(well,I don’t want to go further than that…:)?

    Have a good day!


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