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MP520 – Thursday Class Reflection, Week 4 (the Jesus I grew up with)

Which Jesus did you grew up with?

I grew up with a Jesus who carried lambs on his back as he laughed and hugged the children.  He wore a white robe with a blue sash and spent a lot of time by the flannel-board Sea of Galilee.  He died on the cross and rose again so that I could spend eternity in heaven.  The power of Jesus was found in his death.

In class, we talked about the Jesus who would have been recognized as a prophet, …but a new prophet came around every few years.  He would have been recognized as an orator, but telling parables was commonplace.  He would have been recognized as a leader, but he led a group of peasants and outcasts around the countryside. 

This had all been done before.

But Jesus was subversive.  His stories had an unexpected twist – the underdogs won.  He spoke of his peasant followers as if they were royalty.  He claimed to be the Son of God. 

Jesus not only died a powerful death, but he lived a powerful life. 

Just not the kind of power we would expect.


3 thoughts on “MP520 – Thursday Class Reflection, Week 4 (the Jesus I grew up with)

  1. I once heard it described as “power under” rather than “power over”. What an idea, when the jews cried out for Jesus to destroy Rome, he says “Love your neighbor… carry his pack another mile”. Subsersive… I wonder what that looks like for us?


  2. Awesome post Dave!

    I grew up with the Jesus of stained glass, icons, and the stations of the cross. (Can you tell I grew up Catholic?) Jesus was too far off for me to grasp. How can you be friends with a man made of stained glass or tiles who was always glowing?

    Thanks for this post. I can only hope that I’m helping youth grow up with a true image of Jesus?


  3. Zach, I’m taking an ethics class where the focus is on ethics based on Jesus’ teachings and practices. My prof talked about how going the extra mile with the soldier and turning the other cheek culturally would have forced the offender to recognize the humanity of the one being oppressed – shown in love that there is an alternative to using power for oppression. Such a bold and active statement…I think our world needs more bold and active people rooted in love to act subversively!

    Maria – I love the idea of the Jesus who was too far off to grasp. Well, I don’t love it, but it’s so true. I, too, am excited to help people see a truer image of Jesus…sometimes I think I need to help myself see that Jesus too, because it’s so easy to lose sight of Him sometimes!


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