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Live Music Archive – excellent, legal source of great music

I’ve recently been rediscovering my love of live music.  I did a lot of (legal) bootleg trading in high school, but my interest died out when people stopped trading via postal mail and started downloading from servers.  I still have binders full of live music….everything from Dave Matthews Band to Miles Davis to Smashing Pumpkins to Soulive…

Anyways, one site that I occasionally visited in college to get some stuff was the Live Music Archive at

I had completely forgotten about the site until I accidentally stumbled upon it again a week or so ago.  The selection of artists has gotten a lot better, and there is a lot of stuff from some great tapers out there (meaning great quality).

If you ever wanted to legally preview an artist before buying a CD, this is the way to go.  Or, if like me, you prefer great live music to good studio music, you cannot beat a website like this.

In the last day, I’ve downloaded and highly recommend the following:

Ryan Adams – Live at Usher Hall – 11/24/02

Over the Rhine – Live at Moonlite Garden – 8/27/05

And these aren’t the bootlegs of the 80’s and early 90’s.  Both shows above are soundboard pulls as far as I can tell, and the quality is excellent. 

There is a slew of stuff available….tons of Grateful Dead, indie bands you’ve never heard of (and never will), and some top notch quality artists who allow taping and spreading of their shows (the above two, Robert Randolph, Dispatch, Bela Fleck, Explosions in the Sky, Death Cab for Cutie, Martin Sexton, and tons more)

So…check it out all you music lovers…


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