Contemp Culture, MP520, Ramblings

MP520 – Thursday Class Reflection, Week 3

“Powers paint a depressing view of the world without God”

I love this quote from class today.  We talked about the recent history of the powers discussion as based on Wink and Yoder’s work, and how Wink and Yoder are connected to the other theories of culture that we’ve discussed.  The main connection point, and difference, comes in to play when Wink and Yoder discuss the idea of changing and transforming the powers (culture).  These powers aren’t completely controlling of us, but instead have the ability to be transformed.  I think the church suffers so much from the surrounding culture of pessimism (the world is bad, let’s sit around and wait/pray for the rapture), to the point that we forget that we are able to be called to be transformative


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