Contemp Culture, MP520

MP520 – Tuesday Class Reflection, Week 1

As some of you know, I am taking a class at Fuller called Transforming Contemporary Culture, under the instruction of Professor Ryan Bolger.  In this class, we’re going to be discussing all kinds of ideas and theories of culture, and what role the church has in the whole discussion. 

On the first day of class, we talked briefly about Lesslie Newbigin and the events that led him to begin asking what it means to look at the Western world as a mission field.  I love questions focused on mission, (post)modernity, culture, and the church…and adding a level of academic insight into the conversation will definitely challenge me to see many of these issues in new ways. 

I’m hoping that through this class I will gain a getter understanding of how to help people (myself included!) bridge the gap between Western Christianity and Missional Christianity.  Obviously, this is a huge conversation…and requires trying to ‘exegete culture’ and understanding the ‘powers’ that govern society at large.  Not an easy task, but definitely an exciting one!

Looking forward to a good semester…


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