When you move to California, you get a tan

Just thought I’d update with some pictures…

The weather has been awesome here the last few days.  After a couple of weeks of very hot days (95+), it has cooled down in Pasadena.  The last few days have been in the 80s and have felt great. 

We’ve been cooking a lot, trying to diversify our small menu selection.  In the last few days we made some amazing pizza with black beans, red pepper, and feta and cheddar cheese.  Thanks to me, the crust got a little out of control…but it was still good.  Using the same crust recipe, we made calzones which were great.  We also bought a monster avocado, which we used today to make avocado/cream cheese/dill sandwiches.  Mmm….

pizza.JPG  calzone.JPG  bigavacado.JPG

Krissy also had her first day of teaching, so we took a picture to commemorate it.  We realized that we both have pictures from us growing up of almost every “first day of school.” (this picture looks really weird for some reason…like Krissy is winking or squinting…it’s actually a really nice picture, but it doesn’t want to look that way online)


And…we finally got our new driver’s licenses.  We are officially residents of the great state of California.  One thing that we both noticed is that our new pictures makes us look like we’ve been out in the sun way too long.  I look either really tan, or slightly burnt, and Krissy looks like her face got burned.  We decided that everyone in California looks a lot more tan than they actually are, mainly because of the driver’s license pictures out here.  The picture is nowhere near the classic Wisconsin license picture that is simply amazing, but I suppose it’ll do.  I’ve included both the old and the new…you can probably tell which is which. 

newlicense.JPG oldlicense.JPG

Sweet…on Wednesday we’re going to a free preview screening of a movie called “The Lookout” by the guy who directed Minority Report…free movies are always good.  Other than that…just the same ol’ routine…which means Krissy works, and I sit around and read until I get a job or school starts…whichever comes first!


4 thoughts on “When you move to California, you get a tan

  1. Dave, you are not funny closing the comments on your “did I used to be more interesting?” post. Did you used to be more funny?

    You are one of the most interesting people I know.
    Just wanted to say that somewhere!


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