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Jim Wallis’ Politics

Krissy and I just got back from hearing Jim Wallis speak at a church here in Pasadena.  He’s in town for the Politics and Spirituality conference with Richard Rohr and Anne Lamott, which we’d go to if it wasn’t so expensive…oh well. 

I’ve read a good chunk of God’s Politics, and it was great to hear Jim Wallis in person.  If you don’t know who Jim Wallis is, he is an evangelical, a pastor, an activist, a progressive, etc.  Definitely check out any number of books that he’s written, and (He is the founder and editor of Sojourners Magazine…a progressive Christian magazine that discusses politics).  He spoke for about 45 minutes or so, with topics ranging from moral values, Iraq, poverty, abortion, etc. 

After being surrounded and immersed in a very political atmosphere for many years (both in my house growing up, and then at UW-Madison where I got a political science degree), Jim Wallis and the growing movement he represents is a huge breath of fresh air.  He is unapologetic about speaking out for a consistent pro-life policy, a consistent definition of moral values, and against the right and the left who cherry pick scripture to fit their candidate’s viewpoint. 

One comment that I appreciated:  He was talking about George W. Bush and how he is afraid that people will dwell on “the failure of a Christian presidency.”  Wallis believes that Bush and his administration did not go “too far” in applying Christian faith to policy, like many believe, but on the other hand that Bush did not go FAR ENOUGH to truly attempt to reconcile political decisions with the truths and mandates of scripture.  Good food for thought.

I love Jim Wallis because he offers hope for a political future that does not require setting aside your faith before entering the ring. 

Oh, I also wore my favorite t-shirt (see below), which also doubles as my “activist t-shirt”, and Jim Wallis saw it afterward and laughed.  That made me feel special.  You really can’t hug your kids with nuclear arms. 



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