What do applesauce bread and smog checks have in common?

Not much…other than that I just baked my first…well…my first anything, really.  I’ve cooked before, but not baked.  Until now.  You can see below that I just pulled a wonderful smelling loaf of applesauce/cinnamon bread out of the oven.  It was really easy and it smells and tastes great.  Next time I think I am going to try it with an extra cup of applesauce instead of the butter.  We’ll see how that turns out.


In the picture you can see the reflection of Krissy and I in the teapot. 

We are such dorks.

And the tie in to smog checks…well…really, nothing more than that I am going to go get the car checked for smog tomorrow.  I feel like this is kind of similar to having your kid checked for lice at school.  In elementary school we used to hear about how in the “olden days” kids with lice would have gasoline poured on their head to keep the lice away. 

If gas wasn’t so expensive I would pour gas on the hood of our car to keep the smog away. 


3 thoughts on “What do applesauce bread and smog checks have in common?

  1. Rick says:

    hmm… what do applesauce bread and smog have in oommon?

    1. They both set off your smoke alarm?

    2. Neither will rise when you have atmosprheric inversions common to the LA basin?

    3. Both are dangerous to your health when inhaled?

    Way to go, Dave. You’ve opened the door to a whole new world of adventure!


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