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Survivor to “promote diversity” by segregating

In response to criticism that previous installments of Survivor have not been ethnically diverse, the next season will feature four teams segregated based on the ethnicity of contestants.

Check out the article here – http://www.forbes.com/home/feeds/ap/2006/08/23/ap2968425.html

My first reaction is that this is a step backward.  Any thoughts?


One thought on “Survivor to “promote diversity” by segregating

  1. I’d agree, Dave . . . I’ve always been a sucker for this “social experiment”!! Just to see the way they create characters in a weird form of hyper-reality (In process of voxing on this too!) and how they “hook you in” is great entertainment!

    Seems to me part of the fun is to create a melting pot of diverse opinions, backgrounds, experiences, and watch the connections being made. So my first thought would be this might backfire . . .

    We’ll see what happens on the island I guess . . .


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