this house is NOT pink (and other oddities)!

So, a few months ago I posted about having an apartment in a pink house.  Well, if you’ve been keeping up with the rapidly changing world of Team Kludt (which has two members right now, me and my wife Krissy), you know that we got married in early July, moved to California in early August, and now are rapidly settling down and putting the final touches on our little apartment in Pasadena. 

pinkornot.jpgWhen we first found the apartment, I only had one picture of it, and I could have sworn that the house our apartment was in was pink.  But sure enough, as my wife suspected, the house is actually white or off white instead of pink. 

Turns out that wasn’t the only thing that wasn’t as we expected.  Like any older apartment, this one has it’s faults, which we’ll call peculiarities that make it “quaint.”  Yeah, that’s the word. 

To name a few…

– There is only one light fixture…other than the living room, there is just an exposed light bulb on the ceiling in each room

– There is no garbage disposal

– The kitchen outlet for the refridgerator is on the wrong side of the wall, so we have a yellow extension cord running across the floor at the end of our kitchen. 

– We were told our apartment was on the first floor…it’s actually on the second

– We were supposed to have air conditioning installed…we don’t.

– There is no closet in the bedroom…instead, it is in the living room.  Due to the space issues this causes, my wife has clothes in the bedroom, hallway, living room, and kitchen. 

– Some of our blinds were broken when we got here, so I had to install mini-blinds in the bedroom.

– There was no blind for the bathroom window (looking into the shower), so I had to install a mini-blind in there as well.

– We have plenty of outlets, but of course they are almost all two-pronged outlets that are a bit loose, so our 3 pronged plugs fall out of the 2 prong adapters every now and again. 

– The shower head comes out a little low…not made for someone who’s 6’2″…at least not made to easily wash the hair of someone who’s 6’2″.

– The carpet in the bedroom is dirty or something, and when we walk barefoot our feet turn black.

So…yeah, a few oddities and annoyances…but I think we will grow to love this place. 

It is a place that at some point, hopefully in the near future, we will call home and not want to leave. 

Someday we will look back and long for the simplicity that this apartment is offering us, and we will kick ourselves for not enjoying and appreciating the uniqueness of the time spent in Apartment #3. 

So anyways, we put up a video tour of our apartment on YouTube…feel free to check it out


3 thoughts on “this house is NOT pink (and other oddities)!

  1. Loved your tour! I really want to visit so I can see the clothes in every room, and make my feet black on the carpet! You will look back on these as great days! Miss you guys!


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