so, I made a mistake…

It shouldn’t be this big of a deal.  No one else reacted as badly as me.  I made a mistake when we were doing our preliminary budget two days ago.  I somehow missed $300 of monthly costs associated with my tuition, so when we were all said and done our financial outlook looked GREAT.  We would be putting a ton of money each month into savings and have plenty to live and give comfortably. 

Today I was going over the numbers again, and realized that somehow I had completely gotten our monthly tuition payment wrong.  I think the most frustrating part of it to me is that I cannot for the life of me even figure out what I did wrong on Sunday night. 

It doesn’t really change anything about our budget…as soon as I get a job we will be “out of the red” each month and we’ll be doing just fine.  It’s just one of those things that got me in a bad mood today. 

And tt’s hot here today.  That might have had something to do with it as well. 

But I think I’ve pretty much snapped out of it. 


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