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entering post-wedding reality

I am sitting in a coffee shop in Door County, Wisconsin on the final day of our honeymoon.  While I ‘blog’, my wife is sitting across from me engaged in the ancient tradition of journaling. 

The wedding last Saturday was an absolute blast.  All the minor mishaps (some which my wife and I have blogged about, some that we haven’t) that seemed so major at the time are now great memories that we will look back on fondly.  Some of my personal favorites include me realizing 2 hours before the wedding that I only bought 4 matching blue ties for my 5 groomsmen…or when our first dance , “At Last”, started skipping halfway through and we just burst out laughing…or when we got to the hotel that night which I had confirmed twice in the two days prior to the wedding only to have the Hilton front desk woman tell us at about midnight that they had overbooked and that there was “no room in the Inn” for us to lay our heads.  But at around 1:30 AM we were in a completely different hotel in a different part of town, all on the Hilton’s dime.  Thanks Paris!

But after nearly a week of marriage….Krissy and I are loving it.  All the difficulties, the awkwardness, the new experiences, and the moments when we just burst into laughter at how ridiculous we are…have brought us to a place where we have never been before.  We are about to leave Door County for home.  Together. 

We’ve both realized that when we get back to Madison, at some point it will hit that we did not just take a vacation together, but we have embarked on a life long journey.  Although we have full knowledge that it will get harder (even if we don’t know how difficult), we also have faith that it will get better.  We will draw closer to each other in ways we didn’t know were possible, and we will learn more about each other and ourselves as we continue to be “united as one.” 

Thank you, God, for the journey you’ve brought us both to. 

Six days in.  I’m excited at what the future holds for the two of us. 


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