You can do WHAT with your iPod?

Yesterday, Apple and Nike announced a new product, the iPod Sport Kit. The kit will allow you to use your iPod Nano to record time, pace, calories burned, etc while you run or workout. Oh, and it will also talk to you through your earbuds and tell you how your workout is going, or how far you have gone, or whatever. Just throw your iPod in your shoe (don’t worry, Nike’s new line of shoes will all have a specially designed pocket to store your Nano safely), and start running!

Also, check out the Burton Bluetooth-enabled Snowboard Jacket  Just throw your cell phone in your pocket, and you’ll never need to take a break on the half pipe to check your voice mail again!

With the advent of wireless technologies (including wireless electricity and power sources), humanity is becoming increasingly connected (quite literally) to technology. 

I don’t know why any of this surprises me.  It really shouldn’t – it’s really nothing more than a new manifestation of the phenomenon that Alex McManus blogged about last year, and (I think) originally wrote about seven years ago (see: Homo Electronicus Migratus). 

Maybe it surprises me because when I was a kid, I would watch Star Trek or read sci-fi books and just be enamored by the possibilities that technology had to offer on so many levels.  And now, a lot of those “impossible” dreams are very rapidly becoming realities…

Sometimes it feels like part of the mystique that surrounded my dreams as a child are diminished because of the technological realities everywhere in culture today.  It makes me wonder…what are kids dreaming about today that might be a reality by the time they graduate college? 



One thought on “You can do WHAT with your iPod?

  1. I had just read about the nike/ipod thing as well. I guess it’s all really happening. I meet a lot of dreamers, but very few of them do something about all their crazy ideas. I sure hope they do, it’d make the future all the more exciting!


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