Ramblings, the Ridiculous

Where is Aquaman?

I have a desk in the college ministry hub of our church, and for some reason I am lucky enough to have the spot that looks out the window.  Of course, I am jammed in between couches, bookshelves, and piles of equipment, and my chair is pretty trashy, but I have a window to look out of, and that’s nice.  At some point in the day, I always end up spacing out and watching the cars drive by and people walk/run by. 

When I started working here, I noticed that this one older guy ran by once, and often twice each day.  He was very noticeable, because he always wore the same thing.  He had on a black and white windbreaker, and some kind of running top with one of those skin tight hoods that makes you look like a scuba diver.  He also wore tight black running pants and some weird kind of shoes that looked like aqua socks

Because of the scuba head covering and the aqua socks he ran in, he very quickly was dubbed “Aquaman” and it would be announced once or twice each day that “Aquaman just ran by.”  My fiancé figured that he must be some kind of superhero or something, running from place to place at different times of the day.

But it’s been a month since I’ve seen Aquaman.  I’m not sure if he changed his running route, or if I simply don’t recognize him in his warm weather running clothes, but it has been too long since I was able to announce “Look, it’s Aquaman!”  I get my hopes up each time that someone runs by, but each time I’ve come away disappointed.

Aquaman, if you’re out there, please run down Whitney Way again just so I know that you’re okay.



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