the Ridiculous

the best part of having two part time jobs

I work two part time jobs.  One is down on the University of Wisconsin campus, and the other is 3 miles off campus at a church.  I work on campus Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and at church Tuesday and Thursday. 

On any given day, I interact with a number of people at each of my jobs, BUT the only overlap are people such as my fiance and roommates.

So yesterday, I really like what I wore to work.  As ridiculous as it sounds, it was one of those days when I just felt like I could walk around and hold my head up high because my clothes were coordinated and I felt ready to take on the world.

Now, all of you are probably wondering….what was he wearing that made him feel so secure and cool? 

Nothing too fancy, really.  Here is the recipe:

  • 1 white Fruit of the Loom tagless T-shirt, ~$1.
  • 1 dark blue shirt with a bright yellow/orange/red logo on it, given by a friend, $0.
  • 1 pair of old Express jeans, boot cut, no fancy bleach designs but appear worn due to time, not design, aquired second hand for $15.
  • Grey and black adidas ankle length socks, purchased in bulk from Kohl’s, ~$1.50.
  • A ratty pair of grey/blue asics tennis shoes, purchased from Urban Outfitters for $10. 

And it was as simple as that.  Here’s one artist’s rendering of how I looked. 


So throughout the day, I interacted with the various people that working in a research lab requires with the confidence and vigor usually expressed only on my best days.

As the day ended, I went for a run and had to change into some appropriate attire, but instead of putting the above clothes in the hamper, I quietly put them back in my closet.  After the run, I fell asleep on the couch reading the Da Vinci Code, and went to bed.

I woke up and wasn’t sure what to wear today.  And then it hit me.  No one other than my fiance and several roommates had even seen me yesterday.  Only five people, including myself, would even know if….

So I did it.  I took the clothes from yesterday, and I put them on.  The only difference being that I picked a clean white t-shirt from my drawer. 

Right now, I’m feeling like a million bucks.  I think I might smell a little bit, but mostly I’m feeling confident and great all around.

So…that is the best part about working two part time jobs.


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