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preparing for the unknown…

Life, as I know it, is about to change drastically. A few months ago, I graduated from college…but life didn’t really change. I still live in the same apartment, with the same roommates. I still have the same group of friends, and I still have the same jobs I’ve had over the past few years…I’m just there more often now. Even though “a new stage of my life” supposedly started when I was handed my diploma cover, nothing really changed. Instead, I feel like I’ve been in this transition period..but not really a transition period, because nothing is changing. It’s more like I’m in stasis, preparing for the transition period that is about to occur. But I don’t know how well I’ve been preparing for it.

I’m realizing how different things will be in a few months. I’ve lived for the past 21 years in Wisconsin…the past four in Madison, WI….and come August I’ll be moving to California. For the last 21 years, I have been (in legal terms) single….come August I will be married. I’ve always had my family and friends as a close support structure, helping and guiding me through decisions, problems, and life in general. Come August, I’ll be 2,000 miles away from those support structures.

And all the questions are raging in my head. Everything from “where will we live?” to “will we have enough money?” to “will our car survive the move?” to “how lonely will it be?” And we’ve done a lot to try and prepare…we’ve had great conversations with our families about budgets, and cars…we’ve started looking into housing options….but when it comes down to the emotional/relational questions of loneliness…support…care….relationships…how do you prepare for something like this? I’m at a loss.

So I guess I’m feeling mostly prepared for the tangible/practical aspects of a move…but I have no clue how to start with the deeper issues of moving 2,000 miles away from…everything…home.

 How do you prepare for this great unknown


One thought on “preparing for the unknown…

  1. Maria says:

    I’m with you on this one… and i think it’s just a learn-as-you-go deal (unfortunately). Regardless, you can always call Mike and I from Cali and complain, and I bet if you call enough we’ll come visit you. Because, chances are, we’ll be lonely and wishing we were with old friends in a place we know as home with people we love. Enjoy 2020 while it lasts, but remember that you will find many amazing places along the way to call home- it just takes some time to build one.


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